Revista de Mediación

ADR, análisis y resolución de conflictos

Óscar Daniel Franco Conforti

Ph.D. Promotion and defence of Human Rights, International Lecturer and Criminal Justice. Conflict Management: Collaborative Law, Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation, Facilitation.
Creator of Mediar On-Line ([http://] ---, which is a software to resolve disputes through the use of information technology, which means to mediate online. First web in the Spanish language to offers mediation services online since 2008. This service was initially developed in collaboration with the Family Mediation Centre of Catalonia Justice Department of the Generalitat de Catalonia.
Published in 2013 the book «Pequeño Manual de Mediación Electrónica» it was foreword by the Assistant Director-General of Legislative Policy of Justice Ministry of Spain, it was translated to English Language and published in 2014 under the title Electronic Mediation Handbook it was foreword by Professor Ethan Katsh regarded as a creator of the online dispute resolution (ODR) field.

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